Ever-increasing demands for quality and efficiency in industrial production require innovative software solutions for modern process automation.

ProcessVars is a suite of services, libraries and tools intended for the creation of efficient process automation applications. The functions range from configurable acquisition, archiving and visualization of process variables to development of complex applications in a client/server architecture. ProcessVars can be acquired as a licensed software suite for independent development or provides the foundation of a solution provided by us.

For the configurable capturing, archiving and analyzing of process variables

Capture, archive and analyze thousands of process variables via an open communication : With ProcessVars no problem!

  • Take advantage of the browser application of ProcessVars to define process variables for analog measured values, messages and alarms
  • Via simple C # scripting derive more process variables from the captured data
  • Define the interactive views of variables in the form of trends or message lists for online representation and historical evaluations
  • Evaluate the acquired data from the browser interface of ProcessVars or using standard tools with access to the database

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For the efficient development of complex applications for process automation

Create efficient powerful applications in a client / server architecture for Process Automation : ProcessVars provides you with the tools to do this!

  • With all the features that are needed for powerful and robust applications in process automation
  • At a fraction of the development effort and the license cost of traditional systems
  • With almost unlimited possibilities through C # scripting and use of the .NET Framework

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