Flexible and affordable licensing options

For usage rights of ProcessVars we offer flexible and affordable licensing options.

Depending on your needs you can choose between a Standard Edition to capture , archive and analyze process variables, a Developer Edition for own development of powerful applications for process automation or the Enterprise Edition for developing your own products. In the Standard and Developer Edition the licensing occurs for each installation of ProcessVars Server service. In the Enterprise Edition, the number of installations is not limited. To usage of the ProcessVars clients is free of charge.

Function ProcessVars Standard Edition ProcessVars Developer Edition ProcessVars Enterprise Edition
Process Variables Management System
Redundancy option
Browser application for definition of process variables, OPC server, groups and items, trends, alarms and notifications
Browser application to display current and historical data in the form of trends, alarm and notification lists
Framework for creating custom applications in a client-server architecture
Graphic editor ProcessViews to develop animated process graphics
Participation in a workshop on the development of powerful applications for process automation in Essen, Germany.
Telephone support for questions in developing your own applications
Distribution of applications without royalty fees

Base of an in house solution

We look foward to developing powerful applications based on ProcessVars for you, according to your requirements for process automation. Our interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers of various disciplines, we work our way quickly into the professional backgrounds of your tasks. We efficiently develop a perfect solution for your task.

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